Solicitors Inside City Limits - September 10, 2020

Just a reminder that any and all solicitors MUST HAVE a permit issued by the City to conduct busi... [more...]

Notice about Free Monthly Dump Day - September 10, 2018

This is from the…/Pages/trash_collection.aspx website Due to T... [more...]


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City Hall Update


Due to a COVID-19 outbreak within the City of Blue Ridge, we are asking only ONE person at a time come inside City Hall - WITH MASK - to conduct regular business.  You are encouraged to make your...

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PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR ALL CITY OF BLUE RIDGE RESIDENTS:  Any and All solicitors MUST have a solicitors permit through the City of Blue Ridge.  If you are approached, ALWAYS ask for their...

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Blue Ridge Economic Development Board Looking for New Members


Blue Ridge Economic Development Board is looking for new members. Please call City Hall 972-752-5791.

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Blue Ridge Fire Department Needs Volunteers!


The Blue Ridge Volunteer Fire Department is still looking for Volunteers. Contact John Bowers at 972-658-6899.

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